New Report: Black People and Homelessness

This ground-breaking new report from LAHSA identifies institutional racism, discrimination and unconscious bias as key drivers of homelessness.

Black People and Homelessness (LAHSA Report)

“This report is a critical first step to address the collective failings of systems and institutions that—de facto and de jure—have been designed to deliver the painful disparities that affect so many of our brothers and sisters.  Hard work lies ahead to counter this tragic inheritance. If our region is to prosper, it is not only a moral imperative, it is an absolute economic imperative that all who call Los Angeles home are able to attain their full measure of dignity and self-worth.” –Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas


September 15: Demystifying Legal Cannabis

Have questions about the new cannabis laws, issues, and opportunities? We have some great guests scheduled:
Cat Packer,  Executive Director and General Manager, Department of Cannabis Regulation (City of LA)
Virgil Grant III, Cannabis Activist & Co-Founder, California Minority Alliance
Aline Ghazarian, Operations Manager, LA Cannabis Co.